Hiroo Gakuen California Universities Tour 4

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Occidental College (OXY)
Occidental college (OXY) is also one of the colleges located in LA, so the campus is surrounded by lots of green and beautiful scenery,which must look perfect most days (today the weather wasn’t so nice unfortunately). Just as the other colleges that we visited during this tour, OXY also puts a lot of effort into the liberal arts. Students aren’t forced to decide their majors until the end of their sophomore year, which means that they have a great deal of time to think about what to do in their futures.
This school has a strong reputation for politics, business, and international relations, which is evidenced by a lot of great alumni such as Barack Obama. OXY has 2,100 students, and this is a quite small number, despite the fact that the campus is very large, so I guess the students are more able to relax and enjoy their own time more than at the other colleges. I actually saw many students studying or spending their time by themselves, which seemed really cool to me as at Japanese colleges or most of the other American ones where students tend to spend more time with their friends rather than being independent.
Lastly, I need to talk about the facilities. There are 13 residential halls, many departments for each field, a library, and sports facilities. Students get to choose which place to live in among those halls. And there are some unique departments such as the science building that has a pendulum, and the language center which has an open and modern place to give presentations. Each building doesn’t look that far from each other, so it takes less time to move from one to another. In addition to this, there is also a comfortable library and good sports equipment. I highly recommend OXY to those who are interested in politics or diplomacy, but also to those who would like to focus on both study and sports, or those who want to be independent.
E.Y M3 (Girl)

Loyola Marymount University (LMU)
Today we went to LMU and it was the last school that we visited. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the greatest but the campus had an amazing view and beautiful buildings. The total undergraduate enrollment is 6126 people and around 10% of the student population are international students, representing over 90 different countries. It is a Jesuit school and there are five chapels on the campus. They do not require you to be Christian or religious, however as a Jesuit school they will require you to take two theology and two philosophy classes once you get into the university. I thought that it was a nice system because although I personally am not religious, it was a nice way of learning other cultures and beliefs and it wouldn’t hurt to know more about other religions because by knowing more your perspective about many things will expand. There are over 60 majors and the student to faculty ratio is 11:1, meaning that the teachers and students are very close and it is easier to work with teachers.
One of the reasons I personally liked LMU was because of the location. There was a cliff on campus that we went to, where we could see the Santa Monica beach all the way across to the Hollywood sign. The school is located in the very west side of California and you could see all of Los Angeles. It was a very convenient place since the Los Angeles international airport is close and the Santa Monica beach was just a 5 minute ride; the tour guide told us that in the afternoon after classes, students usually go there and I thought it was one of the most fanciest things you could do at a school.
Another reason why I really liked this school was because of the all the school spirit. The mascot character for the school was a lion and there were a lot of facilities or school programs named or related to the word lion. For example the meal plans system was called LION. L for being the most smallest plan and N being the largest. Also all of the facilities had lion-related names. One of the restaurants was called The lair and I thought that was pretty creative and funny. It was almost like a little mystery hunt and by this I could tell that not only does the school provide education and resources for studying, it also likes to have fun and I think that’s what made me attracted to this school in particular.
I myself am interested in sociology but I would really like to take other classes than that too and in the information session they told us that the school encourages students to take other classes as well even if they weren’t in your major or minor and this was attractive. They said that it was a good opportunity to learn about many other things and then by doing that you could come back with a new perspective and take what you have learned back into those other classes in your major or minor area of study. I thought that that was a brilliant idea and I completely agree with that. As a student who hasn’t decided exactly what to do in the future after college and is a little wary about the major I want to take, I think that opportunities like these are the ones that support the students the most. I was really glad that I got to go to LMU and I think that by going there, I was able to gain something and bring it back with me.
L.O M3 (girl)

Tour Reflection
These four days in Los Angeles of seeing various types of universities and colleges has definitely gotten me thinking more about what I should do for university and how to prepare for it. Honestly, after the tour, I felt that every institution that we visited had it’s very own unique features and they were all wonderful places that I could go in the future, so it was rather difficult for me to think about which institution would suit me the most. But now that I look back, at this moment, I feel that I would be able to fit most comfortably in the University of Southern California (USC) and I have a couple of reasons for that.
I genuinely thought that the tour guide in charge of us was very informative about the university and provided each of us relevant information about our interests along with good advice for us when we apply for university. Also, although it felt like USC had the highest enrollment fees (including tuition, accommodation etc) I got the impression that it could actually be not as difficult to obtain merit scholarships compared to other institutions, since the tour guide told us as long as we submit our applications by December 1st, we would be considered for all sorts of scholarship programs. Moreover, the faculty to student ratio was 1 to 8 which was the lowest among all the institutions we visited. Throughout the tour, I also got a general idea of how the American education system works in universities and colleges. I liked the fact that students are eligible for holding a double major while taking several other minors. I think this will be effective for students to widen their vision towards their surrounding environment or atmosphere. For me personally, my interests are astronomy and international relations which are two very different fields of study but I think that these institutions make it possible to study both of these areas. I also found the community-like environment of each institution very enjoyable. I still haven’t decided whether I will actually be going to an American university in the future, but I can certainly say that I am more than satisfied for being able to attend this wonderful tour.
R.M. M3 (boy)

Tour Reflection
From this college tour, I have learned many things that wouldn’t have been possible without actually going there. Before going to this college tour, I thought that this GPA and SAT score was everything that the colleges cared about. But in reality, all of the eight colleges we went to, they also put emphasis on extracurricular activities. They wanted applicants with unique/rare experiences. Also, my image of college was a class with hundreds of students listening to a professor and taking notes like robots. Maybe some schools are like this, but all the colleges we went to in this college tour boasted a low faculty to student ratio and the interaction between students and the professors was much more intimate. Unlike my imagination, the colleges were all unique in their own ways, whether it be in their culture or in the buildings and the people there (for example some had a more study-focused atmosphere or a more energetic atmosphere). Each college had interesting systems that could not be seen in other colleges. The Claremont Colleges were a very interesting group of colleges in which they share facilities and even dining halls. This taught me to look at many of the systems that the school has to offer and that there were so many factors for me to decide what is the right school for me. Overall, this college tour gave me a general idea of what I should expect from colleges and what the college expects from me. I hope I can turn this experience into motivation so that I can study and possibly get into one of these amazing colleges.
S.T M3 (boy)

Hiroo Gakuen California Universities Tour 3

インターナショナル,広報】 2018/3/22 木曜日 — 9:26:46


University of Southern California (USC)

University of Southern California (USC) is a private research institution situated in Los Angeles, California that has 19,000 undergraduate students. The student-to-faculty ratio is 8:1, and the average class size is 26 students per class. They have 150 majors and minors.
I’m personally interested in film, and they have a cinematic school on campus. Studying cinematic arts in Los Angeles is unlike any other because they are in the film and entertainment capital of the world. Here, students have unlimited access to the best internships and job prospects because they’re in such close proximity to the best production studios and business. Alumni of USC have done amazing work. When I heard the creators of Star Wars, Gray’s Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, Black Panther and the director of Kanye West are all alumni of USC and that USC ‘s alumni have over 300 Oscar nominations and over 100 wins, I was so surprised and shocked that I wasn’t able to close my eyes nor close my mouth. I also think it’s really cool that the real film productions actually come to USC’s campus to film for actual movies and TV series.
In addition to this, I think it’s nice that the changing of majors is welcomed at USC so if you change your mind and you want to switch to another major, you can. Also, because USC tries to have their students do six different internships before they graduate, students are more likely to figure out what they like and don’t like to do and therefore know what they really want to do for their job after they graduate.
So, through my experience at USC today, I believe I would have the best experiences there if I joined this school.
L.S M3 (girl)

The most impressive thing about USC is not only that it is one of the top colleges nationwide with a high education level, but also, if you considered USC as a country, the total medal count that USC graduates have claimed, it would rank 13th in terms of medals per number of people. When our guide told me about this, I first thought about top Japanese universities. I thought, “I have never heard of a Tokyo University graduate achieving something in sports, nor from other top universities in Japan such as Keio or Kyoto University”.
I think the achievements by USC graduates couldn’t be achieved if this college’s education style and educational goals were limited to “college level”. USC’s style of education made USC special for me on this tour; I was surprised to hear all of the amazing things students do outside of their class studies. They have even let students fly a rocket!
USC lets and encourages students to research things that they are interested in, instead of forcing them to study indoors the whole day and this is very appealing to me.
M.S M3 (boy)

Hiroo Gakuen California Universities Tour 2018

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Hiroo Gakuen California Universities Tour 2

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Claremont McKenna College (CMC)
Claremont McKenna College (CMC) is a member of The Claremont Colleges Consortium and students in this school can choose classes and activities from Harvey Mudd College, Pitzer College, Pamona College, and Scripps College, also known as the 5Cs. They share gyms and dining rooms, so students get to interact with people not just from their school and they get to choose where to eat. The average class size is 19 students and the student to faculty ratio is 9:1. Because of the small classes, the professor gets to know a lot about the students and students can get very close with the professors than bigger schools. Sometimes professors invite students to dinner and this makes the students feel welcomed. I prefer smaller classes more than bigger ones, so I got interested in this school. The events, dormitory lives, and the academics seemed very exciting. This school has an Environment, Economics and Politics (EEP) major and an Environment Analysis Program (EAP) and this is what I liked most about this school. I’m personally interested in environmental issues and this school’s majors made me want to enter this school. The school’s mission and motto is to educate students who want to be active in the world. They want students who speak up and question a lot of things. After hearing this, I thought I should always stay curious about the information around me and I felt the importance of asking questions. The school was beautiful with many kinds people and that made me want to apply to this school.
M3 A.K (girl)

Harvey Mudd College
Harvey Mudd College mainly focuses on math and science. We were able to learn the strengths and the efforts the college puts in in order to make successful students. This college has earned many awards for their level of mathematics.
I really loved the relations between the professors and students. Before starting lessons at Harvey Mudd, the professor and the students have one on one sessions. From this, the professor can observe the students and get to know their strengths and weaknesses. These relationships can really positively affect the students’ grades. I thought that was a wonderful technique. I don’t do so well in science and math, however from this tour I was convinced that this isn’t something I can’t change and I am inspired to go somewhere like Harvey Mudd College in the future.
H.T M3 (boy)

Pomona College
Pomona College is a school whose level is as high as the IVY League schools. Pomona is looking for active students who want get involved. To judge this, the college looks at students’ individuality, experiences and personality as part of the application process. This school is a liberal arts college, so you don’t have to choose majors until you enter your sophomore year. This means you can take a bigger range of classes as you progress. This point is the big difference with Japanese schools. Also, Pomona has a broad curriculum, so you have a lot of choices. Among them, the most popular majors are Social Science, Biology, Language, History and Math. Hearing that students have many opportunities to talk with professors and mentors to help them help study, I thought that Pomona was very supportive of students. I’m interested in this school the most now because and I would be able to concentrate the best on what I want to study. I could see that students there wanted to come to Pomona and study hard for their futures. I’m going to do my best to become like them.
M3 M.H (girl)

Pitzer college
Pitzer college is a part of the Claremont Colleges Consortium. There are five colleges in a one square mile area and they share resources such as libraries and dining halls. The students can take lessons of not only their school, but also of the other colleges. I thought this was such a unique style that Japan doesn’t have and provides students with more opportunities. Although it was the last school visit of the day, it was really interesting and it didn’t make us feel tired despite the long and busy day. At first, our tour guide explained about Pitzer College. It is quite a small college which holds about 1000 students and has small size classes. The first thing that surprised me most was the look of its campus. Of course, it was very different from Japanese universities and also different from the other three colleges we visited today. There were many cacti on its grounds and many kinds of animals such as squirrels, chickens and so on. Also, it was surrounded by a lot of nature and many students studied, chatted or played sports outside its buildings. I felt so comfortable with this environment. Secondly, I thought the dormitory was really good for students. That looked so beautiful and the rooms were large enough. It had a kitchen and the students were free to use it. Lastly, because this college is small, everyone, including the teachers were very close and everyone seemed filled with energy and happiness. Also, they are all very supportive of international students.
Pitzer college has wonderful facilities and spaces for studying and the student tour guide was really kind. She made me excited for my future life. Overall, this college tour was really interesting and was an important opportunity to think about my future.
H1 K.H (girl)

Hiroo Gakuen California Universities Tour 1

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